Jessica snubbed

Sources say the Miu Miu campaign recently landed by Lindsay Lohan could have been Jessica Simpson's if it weren't for her bizarre devotion to her hairdresser. Simpson reportedly made it to the shortlist of celebs the design house had in mind, but her name was nixed once the photographers on the campaign got wind of the possibility. "They felt snubbed by Jessica because they were set to do her Vanity Fair shoot several months ago," said a source of Simpson's cancelled VF issue. "Being the professionals they are, they wanted to bring in their own hair and makeup team, but Jessica said if they didn't use Ken, then she wasn't sitting for the shoot." The story was allegedly cancelled when Simpson insisted she would not discuss her then-recent split from Nick Lachey, but an insider says the real reason was the hairdresser issue. "Most fashion photographers use their own people - and they certainly don't use Ken Paves, who is considered tacky and amateurish for high-fashion shoots. He's very 'Texas pageant' hair." Simpson's rep denies the story, saying, "She could not have done the [Miu Miu] campaign anyway because she has her own clothing and shoe line."


Anonymous said...

Poor honey, she's too close with her 10,000 dollar a day hairdresser too make another 1,000,000. Let's go cry in a corner.
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Anonymous said...

She is so stupid! How ignorant and closed minded she is! She gave up a Vanity Fair cover because she didn't want any other hairdresser to do her hair!? I am sure they would have made her look decent because she is no beauty!