Cameron wins case against tabloid

Cameron Diaz has settled a lawsuit against the National Enquirer for a "substantial" amount of damages. In 2005, the tabloid alleged Diaz had had an affair with a married MTV producer while involved with then-beau Justin Timberlake. Photos of the actress in an alleged "smooching session" with Trippin' producer Shane Nickerson accompanied the story, which was posted on the Enquirer's website but removed after Diaz complained. "The National Enquirer now accepts that the photographs do not show Ms. Diaz and Mr. Nickerson kissing or in a passionate clinch, accepts that the relevant incident involved no more than Ms. Diaz giving a friend a goodbye hug and that any suggestion of a romantic involvement is entirely untrue and without substance," said the actress's lawyer. The Enquirer has "apologized unreservedly" for any distress caused to those involved.

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