Brooke reaches out to Britney

Brooke Shields sends well wishes to Britney Spears in an interview with Access Hollywood to air on Monday. "I hope she's fine," Shields says of the popstar, who doctors say may be suffering from postpartum depression - a battle Shields faced after the birth of her first child. "I believe she's going to be fine, and she just needs the support and her kids. She's their only mom, and she'll earn that back in her own mind." Spears is rumored to be reading Shields's book about her own postpartum journey, Down Came the Rain. "If [Britney] is reading my book, I hope it's helping her. If it's not, and she wants to talk to someone, I'm available." The Blue Lagoon actress says if postpartum depression in fact is the cause of Spears's troubles, "then it really needs to be reckoned with, and it's very common, and she'll get through it."

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Anonymous said...

All that is very kind of Brook, let's just hope that the cause of Britney's troubles IS postpartum depression, if it is so, we might have our top pop singer back soon!