Hilary disses Nicole in song

Hilary Duff pours her heart into her music - literally. The nineteen-year-old popstar used her breakup with Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden and his subsequent hookup Nicole Richie as fodder for the lyrics on her new album, taking obvious digs at The Simple Life star. "Where's your dignity?" reads a line in one song. "I think you lost it in the Hollywood Hills... Can't buy respect but you can pick up that bill... Always with Mr. Right, but then you have a fight/Run into your friend's ex, he's happy to be your next/Tomorrow's paper's coming out so kiss him fast, watch the cameras flash." In the song Gypsy Woman, Duff sings, "She lets you think that you found her first/That's how she works her sick and twisted gypsy curse/Talks with a grin 'cause she's got no shame/Enjoy the fame, bringing down the family name." Duff's rep confirmed that some of songs on her client's new album were written about Madden/Richie situation, saying, "Some are, yes. But she has gone through a lot, including a very frightening pair of Russian stalkers."

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