Brad's western to hit theaters in September

Nearly two years after shooting wrapped on the film The Assassination of Jesse James, the Brad Pitt flick will finally be released on September 21. According to a report in the LA Times, the movie's release was delayed due to a post-production clash between the director and Warner Bros. over the film's length and tone. Pitt's co-stars in the movie include Mary Louise Parker, Sam Rockwell, Zooey Deschanel, Casey Affleck and Jeremy Renner, who says, "it's like any other western... It's a 178 page epic. It's going to be a beautiful, beautiful movie. I haven't seen too much of it. [But] everytime I wanted to quit, I'd go to the monitor and think, 'This is why I'm here five months in freezing weather not doing a whole lot other than riding a horse and shooting a gun.'... It's more like Goodfellas in the sense that we could be sitting at this table, talking over coffee, but wondering who's going to kill who. There's a tension that's in a lot of scenes. [James] is going crazy and doesn't know who to trust anymore."


Anonymous said...

I will add this movie is getting really bad reviews.

Anonymous said...

Actually there are two cuts of this film that have been shown to test groups, and the reviews have been mainly good but say "this is not a typical shot em up western." Which version will be released on 9/21/2007 is still undecided by Warners.