Former NYC waitress dishes on celeb tipping

In a new book called Rules for Saying Goodbye, a former waitress uses real-life details about celebrities and their tipping habits - or lack of. She dishes she once received a 15% tip from Gwyneth Paltrow, describing her as "not stingy, only stupid. I thought she probably couldn't calculate 15%," but says David Byrne tops the list of lousy tippers because he "never tipped in any of the three bars where I worked in New York." Though the book is fiction, the writer confirmed to her publisher that she previously worked as a West Village bartender and that all celebrity anecdotes in the book are true. "Rupert Everett, Parker Posey, Madonna, no tip. Tobey Maguire...Barbra Streisand, John Travolta's wife. Almost no tips at all." She also adds: "Paul McCartney was once too drunk to tip."


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