Lindsay's mom wants to screw up her other kids on TV

While her daughter Lindsay is battling demons and possible drug and alcohol addiction in rehab in LA, Dina Lohan is in talks to do a reality show with the E! network. Tentatively titled "Mom-ager," the show would follow Lohan as she tries to turn her two youngest children, 14-year-old Ali and 11-year-old Cody into stars. "Can you believe that?" says an insider. "She totally messed up Lindsay by making her a 'star' and living vicariously through her - and now she's going to do the same to the other two? How the [bleep] can E! do this? Those kids should be in school having normal lives, the life that Lindsay didn't get to have." Mama Lohan is rumored to have been on the hunt for a TV job for more than a year, and recently appeared as an Entertainment Tonight correspondent at Lindsay's Georgia Rule premiere.

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Anonymous said...

Dina is the POSTER MOM for dysfunctional parents. She is the reason that Lindsey is the way she is and now she wants to screw with 2 more children's minds. She shouldn't have custody of any of her kids, nor should her exhusband the con man. Who in the hell would want to watch her? There is a time after you are a married woman and a mother that you give up your party lifestyle. She is just living off of her daughters money, which should be against the law. Don't support this tupid idea of hers.