Jessica avoids jinx

Jessica Simpson knows when she's not wanted. The starlet was an apparent no-show at Saturday's Dallas Cowboys game against the Carolina Panthers in Simpson's native Texas – a week after fans criticized her presence as a distraction to her boyfriend and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Romo, 27, had a great game this time, rebounding from his Dec. 16 performance, when Simpson, in a pink Cowboys jersey, watched from a luxury box. After the 20-13 win over the Panthers, Romo told reporters that Simpson, 27, was indeed watching the game – and even hinted that she may have been in attendance. "I know she saw all of that tonight," Romo said after the game, when asked if Simpson had seen fans wearing masks of her face. "She was at the game tonight, so I don't know." He added, "I don't talk about my personal life." After Romo endured the worst game of his professional career last week, fans of opposing teams started the website RuinRomo.com, which offers a Simpson mask that visitors can download, print and wear to games in an effort to jinx the star quarterback. This week, Romo told the NFL Network that Simpson was bothered by the negative attention. "I don't care how the perception is of me," Romo said. "But it hurts me when it hurts people that are close to me... That's part of being in the public eye."


Anonymous said...

I feel she did the right thing by not being at that game. They're was a lot of Jessicas there, that would have cramped her style!

Anonymous said...

ok. why is everybody trying to ruin her life, she is a very talent and beautiful girl i don't know everyone is agains her now, i love her and i always gonna be by her side.love jess be strong