Britney's car impounded

Britney Spears's wild ride left the troubled pop star car-less Monday night, after cops impounded her abandoned vehicle. "Ms. Spears's car was impounded," Lt. David Grimes of the Los Angeles Police Department, West L.A. station, said – after a flat tire had caused the troubled pop star to leave her white Mercedes in the middle of the road in Brentwood, Calif. "Officers on the scene told me it was blocking the roadway," said Grimes, "and that it was unsafe enough to leave at the location." After she had left the car, Spears – who had ventured away from her Studio City home to go to a drugstore – was given a lift by some of the photographers who had been trailing her. As for her Mercedes, "It was towed by a private company that's contracted with the city," said Grimes. "Her car is being held at the official police garage tow yard." Regarding the status of the impounded vehicle, spokesman Grimes said, "There's not a hold on the vehicle. She just needs to show up to obtain it. She'll have to pay tow fees, and that total cost depends on how many days she leaves it there." He added, "But she won't get any citations or fines." After photographers dropped the pop star and her assistant off at home, the two jumped into a Toyota Camry and went to the Four Seasons hotel in Los Angeles. Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Spears spoke with a British accent during her short stay at L.A.’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last Friday.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. She should invest in 4 run-flat tires for her ride since she doesn't do AAA.

Then again... since she is a "Diva" she wouldn't have to fork out a dime. I'm sure Goodyear would set her up with some which would been seen all the time when pictures are snapped of her in the car.