Suri's cuteness inspires Becks

David Beckham really hopes to have a baby girl after seeing this week's pictures of Suri Cruise. "Suri is gorgeous," the soccer star said. "I have spoken to Tom loads since the birth but it [the pictures] was the first time I had seen Suri. It has made me really want a baby girl, so fingers crossed we will have one."


Anonymous said...

Pray she would look like David and not that blood clot he married.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what happens if they have another boy? Would they try again and again and again until they get a girl? Call me crazy, but I find it so shallow that they want to have another baby just to get a girl! They should be grateful for the 3 beautiful boys that they have and not cry and whine that they don't have a girl.

Anonymous said...

But many people try to have babies to get the sex they want. That doesn't mean they don't love the children they have. Most men want that girl b/c girls are "Daddy's Girls". And there is nothing wrong with that.