Nicole's ultimatum to Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman told her new husband Keith Urban to go to rehab or their marriage was over, according to a story in a British newspaper. While the Oscar-winner was overseas shooting a movie, Urban allegedly became a regular on the Nashville bar scene until friends of the country singer called his new wife to let her know of Urban's relapse. "Nicole called Keith and confronted him," says one insider. "He got defensive and accused her of spying on him." After the Urban admitted his drinking, Kidman reportedly flew back to the U.S. to be by his side as he entered rehab. "She gave him a choice. He could enter a program or she'd leave him," said a friend of Kidman's. "He chose the former. Keith can't stand the thought of life without Nicole. That's his motivation to kick this thing for good." Even while busy planning his November 18 wedding, Kidman's ex-husband Tom Cruise has called the actress to lend support. "As soon as Tom heard, he called Nic to offer any help he could give," said Kidman's friend. "He said to call anytime for anything she needs. It meant a lot to Nicole."

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