The price of beauty for Demi

A British paper has asked a few cosmetic surgeons how much money they think Demi Moore has shelled out for plastic surgery and what kind of work she's had done:

- liposuction to her hips, inner and outer thighs and stomach: $16,000
- breast implants for the 1996 film Striptease: $11,000
- subsequent surgery to have implants reduced and a breast lift: $9,500
- brown lift: $3.600
- chemical peel: $10,000
- teeth veneers and laser whitening: $6,200
- collagen injections: $200 per treatement
- nutritionist, personal trainer, yoga instructor: $165,000
- knee lift: $5,000
Total: $226,500

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Anonymous said...

Damn, that knee surgery looks terrific. Now, why doesn't she share the wealth with her daughter Rumar, so that the girl can get a chin.