The Reese/Ryan saga

Reese Witherspoon reportedly called it quits on her marriage to Ryan Phillippe after discovering secret e-mails between Phillippe and actress Abbie Cornish, his co-star in an upcoming film. According to the National Enquirer, Witherspoon found messages on her husband's BlackBerry in mid-October while the pair were in New York for the premiere of Flags of Our Fathers. "Ryan was caught red-handed," a source told the tabloid. "All he could say was he didn't mean what he'd written." Phillippe and the Australian Cornish have allegedly been spotted making out by a few people. "They came into the restaurant a month ago, both casually dressed in warm-up outfits," said a fellow diner at a restaurant in Austin, Texas. "They asked for restaurant staff to pull curtains around their table, so no one could see them." Another witness claims, "We could see their legs intertwined under the table. As we left, we could see them clearly making out behind the partition." A Fox News reporter has also come foward to say that Witherspoon was clearly "peeved" at the Flags of Our Fathers premiere two weeks ago, saying, "The party took place in the rooftop penthouse suites of the SoHo Grand Hotel, and what I saw next was something I decided not to print at that time. The couple went out on the roof terrace and had a knock-down, drag-out fight... My line of vision was partially blocked by a big exhaust pipe, so at different times during the fight they were obscured. But then Ryan would appear, disgusted, on one side of it, and Reese on the other. Suddenly, Reese stormed back inside, crossed past me and headed for the elevator. Ryan followed in hot pursuit. Thus, their security guards assigned for the night went running after them, thinking that they were leaving. After a couple of minutes, though, clearer heads prevailed. The couple came back from the elevator with security in tow. Perhaps they'd forgotten that many members of Ryan's family, including his grandmother, were still in the room, oblivious to what was going on."


Anonymous said...

Ryan Phillippe? Is that how you spell his last name? Whatever, that's about as gay a sounding first and last name that I've ever heard in my storied life.

Anyway, I'm sure she'll do better next go around. J. Lopez surely did. Ryan looks like he's not a day over fourteen anyway.

Otis Rail

Anonymous said...

Abbie Cornish denies being involved with Ryan, other than as co-workers on a film.