Ryan's interview redux

A few tidbits from newly-separated Ryan Phillippe's interview with Howard Stern from September 2002. Reese was reportedly so upset by the interview that she banned Phillippe from ever talking to the shock jock again.

- Ryan said he was proud of Reese's paycheck: "She's a chick making more than 99.9% of the men in Hollywood"
- there was no pre-nup between the couple, so he would get half no matter what
- the couple's daughter Ava had been sleeping in their bed every night and driving Ryan nuts
- Howard commented, "I don't know how the hell you're going to stay married."
- Ryan was attending therapy sessions for depression
- the pair didn't have sex until 5 weeks after they'd met
- Ryan discussed being hit on by gay casting directors
- Ryan admitted that he would tell daughter Ava that she was unplanned once she got older

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Anonymous said...

The signs were there. He called his wife a "chick". Jealous, insecure, nothing muffin.