Top earning dead celebs

Kurt Cobain edged out Elvis Presley for the number one spot on the list of "Top Earning Dead Celebrities," according to Forbes mag. The Nirvana frontman earned an estimated $50 million from the grave between October 2005 and this October. Elvis Presley had held the top spot since the inauguration of the list in 2001, and ranked second this year with about $42 million. John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Cash and Bob Marley are also included in the countdown. The mag says we can expect to hear some of Cobain's music on CSI: Miami as well as in commercials for eco-friendly products, since his widow Courtney Love sold a quarter of Nirvana's song catalog to Primary Wave Music Publishing early this year.


Anonymous said...

I'll always believe she killed him!

w.y. said...

dude, the source link is a bad link.