View co-host disturbed by Law & Order name

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was unimpressed with a recent episode of Law & Order: SVU in which a character named Elizabeth Hassenback was raped and killed. The View co-host was so disturbed by the naming "coincidence" that she called the show's executive producer to let him know how she felt. "I told him, 'Look, I want to let you know that I think it's socially irresponsible and gruesomely suggestive to do this in today's day and age,'" Hasselbeck said on today's View. She said the producer's reaction was "defensive right from the jump" and that he told her she could "chalk up" the character's name to coincidence before saying, "Goodbye lady," and hanging up. A spokesperson for Law & Order told People mag that all character names "have to be cleared through legal" and added, "The producers of SVU absolutely love The View and are totally thrilled when one of our actors are on the show."


Anonymous said...

If there's a killing of this bitch, I'm in. Seriously, nobody really cares about her ass.

Anonymous said...

Uh, who is she and why should anybody give a crap about the fact that her name was used? She's probably not the only person with that name... get over yourself, woman.