Brit goes incognito to support KFed

Britney Spears went incognito at her husband Kevin Federline's CD release party in Hollywood last night, hiding under a pink wig and white sunglasses amid the Halloween partygoers. KFed spoke out earlier in the day yesterday about his wife's supportiveness and his plans for his new album. "She's good, man," said the aspiring rapper. "Hopefully she'll come meet up with me tonight over at my album release party." And about the poor ticket sales for his live performances, KFed said, "I don't care if it's a room full of nine, five, nine people. I don't care if there's one person. I'll perform for you. I'm a rookie artist, you can't expect because of my name to sell out a show. People don't know me as Kevin Federline, the artist. They know me as Kevin Federline, the dude that's married to Britney Spears."

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