Britney jetting to Miami to work on album

Britney Spears is heading to Miami to continue working on her comeback album, and will be working with superstar producer Pharrell Williams on the project. Williams spoke of their plans at a Louis Vuitton party the other night, saying, "The stuff I'm about to do is amazing, but I don't like talking about what I'm about to do." After pause, he continued, "Okay, I'm going in with Britney." Leaving a New York studio early on Friday morning, Spears stopped at a drugstore, where she reportedly became visibly upset at seeing taboid reports of her broken marriage. When she saw photographers, however, the popstar put on a brave smile as she bought baby items, chocolate and magazines. Her estranged husband's lawyer says Spears filing for divorce "caught Kevin totally by surprise. I think Kevin's doing pretty well, considering this disastrous situation. But I believe something good will come out of this."


LRM said...

Can someone maybe mention that we cover up our boobs in daylight, while doing everyday type things, or are we just going to get a skinnier version of the trailer trash girl????

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R2K said...

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Anonymous said...

she is a no talent rich bitch you publically humiliated the father of her children because her career sucked.

So she used him way more than he her to RE GAIN some attention.

if you have ever heard her sing accapella u know she SUCKS.

when she was young and exploited for her sexuality kids thought WOW... here is a sexy virgin ..hahha..sure..Colin Farrell..the list please.

anyway..this no brain is all recording studio and will make bucks some are hoping to FILL their accounts...so they are trying to rebuild her image.

I mean does she actually think she is TALENTED >>> fuck that.