Britney offended by AMA skit

Though Britney Spears put on a happy face last night to present an American Music Award, she was reportedly upset by a skit that preceded her appearance and made fun of her estranged hubby KFed. "Britney was blindsided and upset," said a source. "Some people from her label were with her, and they were pissed. They asked that it not be shown on the [West Coast] feed." Their wishes were not respected, however, and the bit played in every time zone. The skit was put together by the show's host, Jimmy Kimmel, and involved a fake KFed being packed into a box and thrown in the ocean as "the world's first ever no-hit wonder." Kimmel's rep said he went through with the sketch because "I knew they wouldn't mind because I know they both have great senses of humor." Neither Jive Records or Federline have commented.

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