Carson supports Tara

Carson Daly says he's proud of his ex-girlfriend Tara Reid for speaking publicly about her plastic surgery nightmare. "I saw her on the Today show recently talking about the whole thing, and I know how nervous she gets for stuff like that - it's funny when you know somebody so well - but I thought that she handled herself great, and I really commend her for her honesty and stepping up to the plate," Daly says. Daly dated the American Pie actress and for a year and a half about six years ago, but says they don't keep in touch regularly. "We don't run in the same circles," he says. "But when we do run into each other it's always great to see her, and always very pleasant." As to whether the late-night show host is dating anyone, he says, "There's just a lot of work going on. That's my focus right now... I'm very happy."


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