Clues to the split

More Spederline stuff... Friends of the couple say they weren't surprised to hear of the couple's split. At Kevin Federline's album release party in LA on Halloween, the pair reportedly had an explosive argument, ending with Britney storming out of KFed's dressing room in her bare feet while her husband worked the crowd. "Her eyes were swollen and her eyeliner was smudged," a witness said. "She looked like a complete mess." In NYC on November 2, Spears turned on the waterworks in public while dining with a male friend. "She cried on and off the whole meal," said an onlooker. The popstar seems to have brightened up a bit on the day her divorce petition was filed, and was photographed on Tuesday night heading out to dinner before skating at Rockefeller Center. Federline went spent the day of his divorce announcement hitting the shops in Toronto, and even joked that he hoped his wife would come to the city to surprise him, according to a source.

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Hey stupid, Elvis has left the building!