Did Lindsay OD?

The National Enquirer is running a story claiming Lindsay Lohan OD'd on cocaine and painkillers on November 12. The tabloid claims that the 20-year-old actress was found unconcious in a "drug-filled" room at the Chateau Marmont. A physician is said to have revived the actress after finding "a stash of cocaine and a pile of prescription drugs" in the room," and then flushed the cocaine down the toilet and collected seven bottles of different prescription drugs. After rumors swirled earlier this week that the Bobby actress might be a "cutter," her publicist issued a denial, claiming her client "took a tumble into a bush."



Anonymous said...

Too bad she didn't OD for good.

Anonymous said...

She sucks...shes no role model, if she were there would be tons of teenagers dead already...im not impressed