Gwen surprised to be tabloid fodder

Gwen Stefani finds it "bizarre" that she is often the target of paparazzi lenses, and admits she likes reading gossip tabloids once in a while. "I got caught up with the whole celebrity pregnancy thing," Stefani says. "For an entire year, I had people outside my house, waiting for me to come out... In LA, there would be mornings where I'd be sleeping with my French doors open, in the heat, and I'd be woken up by chatter. I'd look out and there'd be these guys in lawn chairs, hanging out, having a coffee, ready to chase me around all day. Like, wow. Who am I? What happened? That's a bizarre life, isn't it?" And about reading the rags herself, she says, "I am like anyone who enjoys a nasty bit of gossip. Like, don't let me open one of those magazines because I can't put them down. We're all addicted to it - it's gross, but it's entertaining. But I'm the one who has to live with it."

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Anonymous said...

I think she likes having the paparazzi follow her.