Hilary's stalker arrested

Hilary Duff's stalker was arrested on Friday after threatening to kill the popstar this weekend. Manhattan Beach police arrested 18-year-old Maksim Miakovsky on charges of making criminal threats and stalking. Duff and her boyfriend Joel Madden applied for a restraining order about a month ago against the Russian immigrant, alleging he had threatened to kill Madden and "engage in dramatic actions to get [Duff's] attention." Sources reportedly told TMZ that a private investigator contacted Miakovsky at a hotel on Friday and that the teen had stated his intent to kill Duff at an event she was scheduled to attend today. He is currently being held on $200,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday.



Bubble said...

That's so creepy. I read it from somewhere and still can't believe it. Poor Hilary :(

Anonymous said...

That's distubring. What did that poor girl ever do to the psycho.

Anonymous said...

what a creepy man he is so evil y do that ? maby she did something 2 he but i dout it? maby hes just mentall