Keith Urban update

Just weeks before he committed himself to rehab, Keith Urban gave advice to fellow addicts in an interview with a men's magazine. "Everyone gets overwhelmed at points, but it's when you think you can handle it yourself and you don't reach out for help," Urban told the mag. "That's when the end is near. Recognize that you are about the tire, that drowning is looming. I've definitely been that drowning guy, and in the midst of drowning, I thought, 'I wonder if I should put my hand up?'...I'm just really grateful to be present and doing what I can. And if it overwhelms me, I speak out and say, 'There is too much going on.'" Urban was noticeably absent from the CMA Awards in Nashville the other night, but had an acceptance letter read when he won for male vocalist of the year. Urban has been in an inpatient program for alcoholism at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. "Keith is expected to be in rehab for 35 to 40 days," says a source close to Urban's wife Nicole Kidman.

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