Nicole fires stylist

Nicole Richie has fired her personal stylist of over two years, Rachel Zoe, reportedly because she "wanted to surround herself with positive people and influences." Zoe has been criticized for promoting unhealthy body images, and there were even rumors that of her peddling crystal meth along with her fashion advice in the hopes of keeping her clients stick-thin. "Nicole didn't trust Rachel anymore," says a friend of Richie. "Zoe didn't take the news well." Zoe's rep insists the split was amicable, however.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell does a stylist have a rep? Hollywood is absurb.

Anonymous said...

Nicole made the right call, BOTH for her sobriety, as well as her recovery (if she does have issues with weight), She absolutely did the right thing getting rid of a destructive influence like this! GOOD FOR HER!