Rachel's new role

The lovely Rachel Weisz spoke to People mag about losing the weight she gained while pregnant with her 5-month-old son Henry. "I don't really have a magic potion or pill," she said at a BAFTA event last week in LA. "I do Pilates. Nursing burns a lot of calories, 500 calories a day. So, if I could help promote breast-feeding, that would be a good way." The Constant Gardener actress also talked about her new role as a mom, saying, "I was seven months pregnant when I won the Academy Award! Really, since then, I've just been a mom, mainly. It's the most ultimate honor you can get. But I had to duck out of the rat race for a bit and be Mom... I have respect for all the working moms out there, because it's definitely a complicated balancing act, which millions of women are doing all the time. But I'm a part of that club now."

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