Seinfeld actor spews racist slurs

Seinfeld alum Michael Richards let loose a slur of racial epithets while doing stand-up at a comedy club in West Hollywood this weekend. The tirade reportedly began after Richards was heckled by two black audience members. He reacted by ribbing the men for interrupting his routine with racial slurs and profanities, while the crowd could be heard gasping, saying "Oh my God" and "Ooh." The Kramer actor refused to comment on camera, but CNN reported that he said off-camera that he was sorry for what had happened and had made amends. In a statement released about the incident, Jerry Seinfeld said, "I am sick over this. I'm sure Michael is also sick over this horrible, horrible mistake. It is so extremely offensive. I feel terrible for all the people who have been hurt."

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Anonymous said...

Rascists are the scums of the earth, and as Mel Gibson so clearly demonstrated, you can't hide what you believe for very long, it will come out whether in a drunken rage, or seemingly a sober one!

I think what he said should be published for all the world to see.

Anonymous said...

Well said above comments.
There is no apology to be had, and no acceptance given; you've stated your heart, now live with it. Thanks for letting us know what kind of ugly, bigoted motherfucker you are.

Anonymous said...

odd what people find as racial and non racial these days .. black comedians make fun of white people ALL the time , and nobody see's any wrong doing .. PETHETIC !!

Anonymous said...

No excuse, especially since he's a JEW he knows what its like DAMN