Sex & the City movie back on

A film version of Sex & the City is reportedly in the works again after negotiations with Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Kim Cattrall made significant progress this week. Previous plans for the show to hit the big screen collapsed after Cattrall allegedly refused to participate because of a rumored feud with Sarah Jessica Parker. "Obviously, there is still a lot to be worked out contractually, but it would be amazing to get this project off the ground," said a studio insider, who also said that "substantial negotiations have opened with each of the stars' teams this week."


Anonymous said...

Although I won't be running out to see it. I think that it was unfair that they were "supposedly" offering Sarah Jessica substantialy more money than the other cast member. They all contributed equally to that show, and MOST people who watched that show would admit that they were usually tuning in to see what "Samantha" was up to. If Jessica was an authentic person, she would have done like the cast of FRIENDS did, and lobbied for ALL the cast members to be paid equal. After all, SHE CAN'T MAKE A SEX IN THE CITY MOVIE BY HERSELF. Plus don't we pretty much know what happens to her character(BORING!!). I'm more interested in seeing what will happen to the lives/relationships of the others.

Anonymous said...

Actually, SJP did more for the show that the rest of them. Her name was all over it, and wasn't she one of the executive producers or something?
Kim is too old to play that part if you ask me, they need to replace her with someone with less wrinkles. She looks too much like a grandma these days. Isn't she like 60?

Anonymous said...

Kim just turned 50 and looks fabulous!