TomKat wedding watch

The mayor of Bracciano said today that met with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes on Wednesday somewhere outside of the small Italian town, and that she expects the couple to arrive at Odescalchi Castle on Saturday morning for what she believes will be a Scientology wedding ceremony followed by a banquet. "I want to thank Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes for choosing this venue for such an important event," Mayor Riccioni told press at a conference, and added that she would like to give the couple honorary citizenship "because they have brought so much to our little village." She also called the couple "normal" and said she thought "all this secrecy depends on them wanting to keep their marriage private and intimate." Paparazzi went nuts Thursday evening when pair carried their adorable daughter Suri into a restaurant for a pre-wedding dinner with guests.

In other wedding-related news, Victoria Beckham has laughed off the rumor that she was Katie's fashion consultant and wedding planner. "I'm sure it will be amazing," Beckham said. "Tom and Katie are two incredible special people. I'm not the wedding planner. Katie doesn't need any style tips from me."

Cruise's ex-wife Nicole Kidman has reportedly sent Tom and Katie a wedding present with a note wishing them both "a lifetime of happiness together," according to a source close to Kidman.

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