Trouble in paradise

Laguna Beach residents held a meeting recently in the hopes of gathering support to oust MTV from their community. The group, made up mostly of concerned parents, blames the "real O.C." reality show for presenting local kids as rich brats to attracting sex predators to their neighborhood. "It was a boneheaded move. I would never let my child participate," a former PTA president says of the town's decision to allow the show to film in their community. "Hopefully this show will die a natural death." According to a California Healthy Kids Survey, Laguna Beach High School ranked number one for drug and alcohol abuse in Orange County. "It seems obvious to me that this ranking is the direct result of the image MTV has set for some of our kids," one protester. Some residents are blaming the show for anything that goes wrong in their community, but an MTV spokesperson says, "This is a vocal minority, but we have good relations with the majority of the town."

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