Trouble on set?

Rumors are circulating that there is trouble on the set of Vacancy, a thriller starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson as a couple trapped in a motel from hell. Despite adamant denials from their publicists, sources on set say Wilson and Beckinsale can't stand each other. Wilson is reportedly frequently late and hungover, and when he finally appears he brags about "all the girls he hooked up with over the weekend and how drunk he got," according to a source. "He doesn't want anyone on the set in his line of sight except the director," said another source, who also added that the Royal Tenenbaums actor is "outwardly rude and awful to Kate" and "is a total diva." Beckinsale is said to be so fed up with Wilson that when it came time to shoot one of his reversal scenes, she sent a picture of herself with a note that read, "Read your lines to this - it will be better for both of us." Beckinsale's rep doesn't actually deny the strife, but says, "Kate loves this project and is enjoying filming," while Wilson's rep insists, "There's no truth to this."

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