A world of candids

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Gwen Stefani with Kingston in London

Jennifer Garner voting

Kristin Davis, Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe at a dinner for Chanel jewelry

Christina Aguilera leaving a studio in LA

Julia Stiles out and about

Evangeline Lilly leaving a bakery in Hawaii

Eva Green outside NBC studios

Brittany Murphy at the premiere of The Dead Girl

More pics of Britney Spears in NYC

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Anonymous said...

Now I like Gwen Stefani enough, but does anyone else feel like she's treating that kid like an accessory??? He is attached to her hip constantly, and she's showing off all her lamb baby clothes on him. Maybe I'm just cynical because I was reading on a paparazzi's blog that she's always pimping out her clothes through the paps. She is always out dressed to the nines. Gwen, like, do you ever go out without red lipstick and your hair styled all funky, and carrying your kid around like he's a doll? She's like a walking billboard for her products and I just think it's weird.