A world of candids

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New pics from the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes wedding

Jennifer Garner in LA

Britney Spears outside Hyde

Lindsay Lohan buying gold handcuffs

Keri Russell filming The Girl in the Park

Kate Winslet arriving at Letterman

Julianne Moore with her daughter in NYC

Julia Louis-Dreyfus outside Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills

Hilary Swank and Harry Connick Jr. filming P.S. I Love You

Carmen Electra shopping in LA


Anonymous said...

Keri Russell is just so adorable.

Anonymous said...

I never could understand the appeal and importance of Britney Spears. She is a downright selfish,neglectful, miserable, inconsiderate,person. She cares less about her 2 little sons, and yet people buy her crappy albums. She can't sing, yet she can dance and she has rythmn. She is disgusting, she has no morals,and I can't wait for her 15minutes to be up!!