Angelina opens up

Angelina Jolie opens up for the first time about how she and Brad Pitt first got together in the January issue of Vogue magazine, and insists she had no intention of breaking up his marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Jolie says that when she met Pitt on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she "didn't know much about exactly where Brad was in his personal life." Pitt was married at the time, and Jolie continues, "But it was clear he was with his best friend, someone he loves and respects. And so we were both living, I suppose, very full lives... I think we were the last two people who were looking for a relationship. I certainly wasn't. I was quite content to be a single mom... Brad was a huge surprise to me. I, like most people, had a very distant impression of from...the media... Because of the film, we ended up being brought together to do all these crazy things, and I think we found this strange friendship and partnership that kind of just suddenly happened. I think a few months in I realized, 'God, I can't wait to get to work.'... Anything we had to do with each other, we just found a lot of joy in it together and a lot of real teamwork. We just became kind of a pair... It took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, I think, to realize that it might mean something more than we'd earlier allowed ourselves to believe. And both knowing that the reality of that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration... And then we just continued to take time. We remained very, very good friends - with this realization - for a long time. And then life developed in a way where we could be together, where it felt like something we would do, we should do." Jolie describes how one day her son Maddox "just out of the blue called him Dad. It was amazing. We were playing with cars on the floor of a hotel room, and we both heard it and didn't say anything and just looked at each other. So that was probably the most defining moment, when he decided that we would all be a family." Of Pitt's ex, Jennifer Aniston, Jolie says she would be open to a meeting, but says, "That would be her decision, and I would welcome it." The Jolie-Pitts maintain they have no plans to marry, insisting, "We are legally bound to our children, not to each other, and I think that's the most important thing." The new Hello mag features the family on the cover, including the couple's rarely seen biological daughter Shiloh.

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Anonymous said...

I find the pic of shiloh disturbing. They are obviously having her lips outlined and filled in with lipstick to make them appear larger. That is really sad.

Anonymous said...

These were two mature adults making the right decision for their lives. As life goes on, and you get older, you have to start taking a very hard look at your life, and what it is you really want.
Brad, and Angelia did this, and it's brave, and commendable. Brad could have gone on living a lie in his marriage to Jennifer, but he decided that he couldn't do this, so he did the mature thing, and the thing a man with integrity does, and he told Jennifer the truth, and ended his marriage.
When people fall in love they fall in love. The option is to deny it, and live a lie, and be unhappy, OR to accept that love has happened, BE HONEST to the other people who may be involved, and let them move on with their lives as well, so that they can also find the true love they are supposed to be with.