Britney fan site closes, fights with blogger

One of Britney Spears' most popular fan sites has decided to fold after six years - and is the latest entity to be unenchanted with gossip blogger Perez Hilton. The webmaster at worldofbritney.com posted a message that reads, "As Britney keeps losing her identity and credibility within fans and industry people, so is [World of Britney]. I believe Britney is unfortunately done (for me at least). No matter what anyone thinks or how they may disagree, it's very hard to maintain the respect needed to keep things going." Hilton apparently posted a portion of the webmaster's message on his site, but followed it up with his own take, insinuating the fan site was being shut down as a result of Britney's recent crotch-shot overexposure. As a result, the WoB webmaster posted a response accusing Hilton of being "low" and saying, "I was there for you when you asked me for help when you just got started, and this is a blatant disrespect from a fellow webmaster to another. Draw coke lines running down on Oprah's nose for all I care, but don't put WoB and Britney on the line the way you just did. Sad dude, just sad." And the webmaster's plans for the future?? To start their own - surprise, surprise - gossip site.

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