Celeb picks of the year

A few celebs have picked their favorite books, movies, music and TV shows of 2006:

Ashlee Simpson picked Desperate Housewives: "It's one of those shows like Sex & the City - every girl likes it."

Nicky Hilton liked The Girls Next Door: "I just think they're so funny."

Jaime Pressly loved The Departed: "It was amazing. It's a brilliant film. Everyone in it was great."

Angelica Huston's pick? Borat: "I don't know if it's the best movie, but it's the funniest. I have never laughed so hard in a movie. I've never laughed so hard, period.

Anne Hathway listened to Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins: "You can just listen to it start to finish and it tells a story. It's beautiful, funny and very subversive. I really love it."

Katharine McPhee loved Christina Aguilera's new album: "I really like her record. I think she brought some cool old-school stuff to it, and amazing vocals."

Ben Affleck read Guns, Germs and Steel: "I'm reading a lot of nonfiction... This is really good right now."

Jennifer Connelly liked a book called In the Land of Magic Soldiers: "That was the last one I read - it was actually about Sierra Leone, where Blood Diamond takes place. It was really fantastic."

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