Christy: supermodels are "all smoke and mirrors"

Former supermodel Christy Turlington spoke out recently against the industry that made her a star, calling her role among the world's top four models - alongside Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista - "all smoke and mirrors." Turlington, who now designs yogawear and still models for Maybelline, told a British magazine of her early days in the industry, "It was a dull point in fashion and a lot of energy got projected onto us to generate some excitement. And I guess that's why it'll probably never happen again, because it was all smoke and mirrors. There wasn't really anything to it... I hated the idea that that's who you are, and that's who you're perceived as... How could I have spent so many years? So many hours? If I could add up the hours I spent letting people fuss and take light-meter readings and primp, it could make you scream." Oh you poor, poor ex-supermodel.

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