Lara Flynn Boyle weds

Lara Flynn Boyle was married to Donald Ray Thomas in a quiet ceremony on Sunday in San Antonio, Texas. "She said she was ecstatic," said a source. "She also said she was so happy that she could barely breathe!" The couple were married in the groom's backyard and checked into a small hotel nearby to celebrate their wedding night. "They came in around nine pm and ordered two Dos Equis," said a source. "They were nice and seemed so thrilled to be married. They kept talking about how they were over the moon and were in bliss. She was beaming and he was full of energy, kept going on and on about how happy he was. She said she was going back to Los Angeles but that she was going to eventually move to San Antonio to be with her husband and then commute to LA when she needed to work." Turns out the newlyweds didn't have rings ready for the ceremony, which were reportedly dropped off at the hotel on Monday night. "The next morning they came down to the lobby both wearing their rings. She looked gorgeous," said the insider. "Thin and pretty, in jeans that were tucked into tall boots and a gorgeous sweater coat... She was gracious and warm. Sweet girl."

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