Nicole blames it on cramps

Nicole Richie is claiming menstrual cramps are the reason behind her recent pill-popping. "She knows she made a mistake, but overall she's in a better place," a friend of Richie told US mag. "She has come a long way from her heroin days." The Simple Life star is telling friends she "occasionally" takes Vicodin once a month for cramps. Richie is reportedly upset that her weight was listed as 85 pounds on her booking sheet when she was arrested Monday morning, because "she's so proud of her weight gain," and insists she's actually 95 pounds. "She doesn't know where the cops came up with 85 pounds and it's annoying to her," says the friend. Richie faces an arraignment for her DUI charge on February 7.

Weighing in on the issue is American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who says he's come to know Richie well over the past year. "I think that anytime you're in a situation like that and it's dangerous, you're worried for the person in that situation and you're also worried for people around that person," says the TV and radio host. "I also know Nicole to be a very sweet, peaceful, charismatic and charming young girl that loves her dog. When she comes in [for an interview on KIIS-FM], she's a great mom to her dogs and hopefully she's close to getting to that place again."

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Anonymous said...

Ooops, too late for Richie as LAPD told a NYC daily that it was Richie herself, who insisted her weight be listed as 85 lbs. upon booking and not the 100 or whatever lbs. on her license.