Reichen slams blogger

Reichen Lehmkuhl, Amazing Race contestant and boyfriend to Lance Bass, is the latest celeb to lash out at blogger Perez Hilton. Lehmkuhl has posted a message on his MySpace page in response to Hilton's claim that he was cheating on Bass that reads, "Contrary to what this ugly wind-bag has reported, I have not broken up with my boyfriend. I have not 'made out with' anyone at a party while I have been with my boyfriend. The opposite has been written on his site. It is all a complete and blatant lie. This person is a liar. Period. My book was done before I ever met Lance. I do not date people so that I can 'use' them. I'm self-sufficient and happy to be that way. I have served my country, I have made my own money, my own career, written my own books, bought my own homes and other possessions, and I'm proud to be this way, on my own... I will post this only once. This disgusting person and his site makes up blatant lies to create interesting stories. I am one of this criminal's targets. Understand that. So know, from here on out, that if you read anything about ME on [Hilton's site], you are 99.9% sure to be reading a lie or an exaggerated, incorrect version of something that is 0.01% true... P.S. Here is some information on "Perez" and how he stole a check from a friend and deposited into his account while he was using CRYSTAL METH. This guy is a drug addict, criminal, and thief."

Below Lehmkuhl's message is the following:
"Perez Hilton, of PageSixSixSix fame - but whose real name shall remain verboten because, unlike him, I have some tact - is a total thief. He got run out of LA because he is a meth addict and a thief. The boy had the gumption to steal a check from a friend's apartment and then deposit it into his own account as a third-party check. Like his ass wouldn't get caught. But tina makes you do stupid things. He did get caught, though I'm not sure what happened with his court case. This happened like eight months ago. Check fraud, forgery, theft. Then his blog takes off and people in LA started posting comments to it about the theft. He deletes them all. So you heard it here first. If he gets any more famous, tell people not to let Perez get too close to your dresser drawers, because if he is cracked he will steal from you regardless of the consequences."

As for Perez, he told TMZ, "I'm flattered that Reichen is such a fan of my website.


Anonymous said...

Oh whatever...."give me some of your choclate covered pretzels!!"

Sujet said...

I'm dying to find out how much he is gonna have to pay....

Anonymous said...

Perez loves this. It's just more publicity for him!