Sienna to launch clothing line

Sienna Miller is the latest celeb to launch their own clothing line. Miller and her sister Savannah, who has a degree in fashion design, will launch Twenty8Twelve - named for the Alfie actress's birthday - in Fall 2007. "There's such a lack of individuality now - what we're trying to say is, do it for yourself! I wear something, it's in Heat magazine, then everywhere the next week! I'm like, wait - I bought that in a market in Paris!" The sisters do a lot of cyberdesign. "We web-chat every day. If I find something in a thrift store in some weird town that I'm shooting in, I show it to Savannah on the webcam," Miller says. "I can say stupid words to her about clothes that other people wouldn't understand. She gets it. We've worked really hard. This isn't about just lending a name to something and not really being involved."

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