Split was the obvious choice for Pam and Kid

There were a few hints of what was to come when Pam Anderson and Kid Rock sat down for an interview with GQ - shortly before the couple announced their split. After posing for the provacative photospread in the December issue of the mag, Pam and Kid discussed their St. Tropez wedding, with Rock complaining that the guests were "whoever could afford to come," and adding, "None of my friends were there." Anderson piped up and said, "They're all your friends, baby," in response. "I'm not in charge of this relationship," Rock later added. When asked about Anderson's work for animal rights, Rock snidely said, "Now I shoot the deer and she saves it," to which Anderson retorted, "That's divorce right there. You shoot anything, it's over. That's in writing." Rock also showed his lack of class when he was asked if he sang U2's With or Without You to his bride at their wedding. "That just takes the gay meter right to the end," he said. Anderson quickly jumped in with, "That's enough with the gay word. That's not nice." Wow. Sounds like divorce was the right move for these two.

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