Tori plans memoir

Tori Spelling plans to write a memoir while "the baby is napping," in addition to her plans to film a reality series about herself and her husband running a bed & breakfast. Spelling, whose first child is due this spring, announced the news to USA Today before telling her family of the book plans. According to the newspaper, the 90210 alum intended to tell her brother Randy over the weekend. "I certainly hope that [the book] doesn't cause more damage. Randy's kind of caught in the middle because he has a very close relationship with my mother and a very close relationship with me. He tries to stay neutral, and I admire him for that," Spelling says. She will use a ghostwriter to put to paper memories that are "only in my head," and Spelling says she has "a million stories to tell" about plastic surgery ("I basically want to lay it out in my terms"), past relationships ("I want to clear up that I was never in a physically abusive relationship, but verbal abuse is just as detrimental"), and her father's estate. "You have to take everything with a grain of salt," she says of her change in financial standing after the death of her father. "I'm not ashamed to admit that circumstances have changed, and you work with things the best you can. It's important for me to tell people about the struggles. I found that money can't buy love, and [Dean and I] can get through anything."

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