James Franco addresses Lohan rumors

Spider-Man actor James Franco, who is rumored to be the reason behind Lindsay Lohan's recent commitment to rehab, spoke of the headlines at Sundance, saying, "It's a weird thing to complain about. It's obviously not a pleasant thing." Lohan is reported to have hit rock bottom after Franco's repeated rejection of her (read full story here). "It's just very odd because so much of it is not true and [has been] sensationalized. But there's nowhere to go. I don't want to refute it. I don't want to keep it going. What am I going to do?... As far as Lindsay, I'm friends with her and I hope she gets help."


Anonymous said...

Really!! What IS James supposed to do?! He's already got a GF in Ahna O'Reilly so why did Lohan stake him out in the 1st place?!? He's taken!
I think he did the right thing NOT hookin' up with her. Where's her dignity?! Where's her self-respect?!
I think Franco's got it all...

Anonymous said...

Well, I think he was smart to reject her :) but Lindsay has a reason to try to get him - I mean, he IS gorgeous.