Lindsay shoots down KFed

Looks like KFed is ready to move on, and has his sights set on Lindsay Lohan. The newly single "rapper" reportedly texted Lohan to say, "We should hang out." Lohan, however, was less than thrilled with the offer. "She was totally grossed out," said a friend. And another added, "She thought it was hilarious." When the Bobby actress replied, "Why would I hang out with you?", Federline reportedly texted back and called her a "firecrotch." "She couldn't believe he was so pathetic," said a source. "She doesn't want him using her to make Britney jealous."


Anonymous said...

oh god she looks like liz Taylor from that angle..i do not mean a young Liz either!!!!

Anonymous said...

i dont blame Lindsay.He needs to just GO AWAY