Lohan's first week in rehab

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly doing well under the watchful eye of the Wonderland Center, where she is undergoing treatment for alcohol addiction. "She's been sending text messages from rehab saying she's the happiest she has ever been," a friend of the star told People mag. "She seems under control right now." The Bobby star has been photographed on frequent jaunts outside the center, which is allowed by the program as long as she has a "sober companion" from the clinic in tow. "We treat the individual's emotional, spiritual and physical ailments," says the executive director of Wonderland, which offers yoga classes and beauty consultants as part of its treatment programs. Lohan has been taking advantage of the center's lush property by taking hikes and participating in treatment meetings. A source says the biggest red flag for friends of the Mean Girls star was when Lohan turned up to party at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood less than a day after having her appendix removed. "That's when [her inner circle] said, 'We can't make excuses for this,'" said the source. "She was like, 'You're right. So let's do something about that.'"

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