Nick and Eva were fun and fearless in '06

Cosmo has named Nick Lachey and Eva Mendes as its Fun Fearless Male and Female of the year. "I've certainly gotten my fair share of criticism from people who are like 'how could you talk about all that? It's so undignified,'" Lachey says of his very public breakup with Jessica Simpson and the personal songs on his album What's Left of Me. "For me, it was the greatest thing I could do to let my guard down and be willing to expose my emotions and put them into music. Especially when going through an experience like divorce, you have to find some outlet to get that out of your system or it'll eat you up," Lachey says in the February issue of the mag. Mendes spoke of following her gut when it comes to her career. "I took a risk with acting... You just always have to take risks," she says. "I always go with my gut, and it's always right. People are scared to do that."

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