Nicole a "ray of sunshine" for Keith Urban

Keith Urban opened up to a German magazine about his marriage to Nicole Kidman in his first interview since leaving rehab. "There's a handful of songs on the record that were inspired by her and by the way my life changed when we met - so much for the better," the singer says of his new album. "She was a good ray of sunshine in my life. I didn't intend to write any songs about her. I just wrote, and obviously what was coming out was how I was feeling... We've gone through a lot in the last three months and I think it's been the strength of our marriage [that] has carried both of us through." Urban also addressed the rumors that he had an affair with a lingerie model while he was dating Kidman, saying, "I know and God knows where my heart is at. I waited 39 years before I got married. It means everything to me to be married. Like everybody, I really want to do it only once. I'm very loyal in that respect, and committing to somebody means once that ring is on, I'm gonna stay." And about kids, the country star says he and Kidman would love to have them "when the time is right."

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llack said...

I believe that Keith and Nicole are "right" for each other and wish them a lifetime of happiness.