Niki Taylor sues E!

Former supermodel Niki Taylor has filed a slander suit against E! Entertainment, alleging fraud, breach of contract and invasion of privacy against the network. Taylor was allegedly told that as the subject of the premiere episode of the show Blvd. of Broken Dreams, her professional endeavors including a fragrance, clothing line, cosmetics line and charitable foundation would be featured. The model claims that instead, producers characterized her as someone "who risked everything...and lost," and focused on her personal tragedies and hardships. "My life is far from a 'boulevard of broken dreams,'" said Taylor in a statement. The episode of the series went to air despite repeated demands from Taylor's lawyers that it be pulled. "They neglected their journalistic obligations to report truthfully and accurately; they violated express promises they made to the plaintiff, supermodel Niki Taylor; and they demonstrated a reprehensible disregard for the substantial harm their actions would cause to Ms. Taylor," claims the suit.

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